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From Liberia -- The international airport in Liberia, Guanacaste is open to international flights from a variety of carriers. The airport is just a 45 minute drive to Tamarindo Beach.

From San José -- Tamarindo Beach, Guanacaste is the most accessible location along the northern Pacific coast of Costa Rica  (see map), with an airstrip serviced 7 days a week from San José by two airlines: SANSA and Nature Air provide several flights daily. Private charter services are available as well. Scheduled daily bus service to and from San José, as well as surrounding communities, is available by a variety of companies. There is also a paved highway from San José for those who wish to rent a car and drive the countryside (4-5 hrs. to Tamarindo).
Do you provide a pick-up service from Liberia  Airport to Leora Pacifico?
No, however, we will contact a local taxi service, based on the amount of luggage and individuals staying in the condo. If pre-arranged, they will meet you at the Liberia  Airport and take you directly to the Leora Pacifico Residences. Arriving in a new locale can be a challenging experience and we want your arrival to be as easy as possible. (Certain conditions apply).
Do you permit any pets?
No, we are unable to accommodate any pets.

Do you permit smoking inside the condos?
No, we do not permit smoking inside the condo. Smoking is currently permitted by the pool and general outdoor grounds.
What consumables does the condo include?
*Kitchen -- dishwasher soap, paper towels
*Laundry -- detergent, fabric softener
*Bathroom -- soap, toilet paper, hairdryer if requested.
(Towels and linens also included)
*Baby Crib is available upon request, $50/week
Noise Expectations
Noise and music must be kept at a reasonable level at all times. Quiet after 11pm is required to be respectful of your surrounding neighbours.

Do you provide a safe for valuables?
Yes, our unit includes a complimentary safe in the condo. We can not be responsible for loss or theft of valuables.
Is there a lifeguard at the pool?
The pool and deck are open for your convenience, however, there is no lifeguard on duty and therefore you may swim at your own risk.
How do I book the condo?
Please contact Bruce Cole at bcole @ plumcom.ca for availability. There is a 16.39% local government sales and tourism tax. A 50% deposit is required to confirm your rental. All prices are in USD. Other contract requirements will be provided upon request.
Is the condo close to the beach?
Leora Pacifico Residences is just up the road from the beach. If you skip the shops and restaurants along the way, it is a short 10-minute walk. (approx 700 metres)
Can I get a refund on the taxes paid? 
Not that I know of.  A good part of the tax is a tourism tax to help with the airports and slowly the money is being used to improve and maintain the roads, bridges, and other infrastructure needed for tourism.
Info on: Money, Credit or Traveler's Checks (Traveler's Cheques)
Most restaurants will take a VISA & MC card.  Some tour places take Visa as well (these are usually run by ex-pats - ex Americans, Canadians, Britains, etc).  Not all places take MasterCard or AMEX.  US cash or Costa Rican Colones are always welcome.  Places that accept credit cards may be more expensive and less likely to haggle as their cost to take a credit card is much higher in Costa Rica (can be a 6% fee to the vendor from the credit card company/transaction).  Traveler's Checks are hit and miss.  Banks will usually take them but some banks only take Visa Traveler’s Checks.  Tamarindo Beach has several banks including the HSBC. Local Tico (Costa Rican) banks, will usually only cash $400.00 a day in traveler's checks.  I’d suggest you arrive with about $400.00 in cash, a VISA card, and a debit/bank card - there are a number of bank machines in Tamarindo and towns in Costa Rica.

Medical Tourism
Costa Rica has gained an incredible reputation for quality medical procedures. Leora Pacifico Residences is the ideal destination for recuperation after your medical procedures. The residences and parking area are within the gated community with 24-hour security. Although Tamarindo is considered a lively beach community, Leora Pacifico Residences is located just out of the downtown tourist area and does not get caught up in the beach activities. The facility was build in 2008 to American standards.

A great article on why to have your cosmetic surgery done in Costa Rica was recently published in Business Week Magazine and is available at "Outsourcing the Patients".
What if I don't know any Spanish?
When you're in town or at the beach, you can usually find someone who speaks English if you need directions or assistance.


Internet access?
There is limited wireless Internet access at the pool. Wireless internet is available in the condo unit.

Beds and Types
The master bedroom has a king-sized bed. The second bedroom has a queen bed and the third bedroom has a bunk-bed.

Is the water safe to drink?
I am from Canada and have travelled to Tamarindo without experiencing any sickness from drinking the water.  There are many people from the US and Europe who also live in the area and have not experienced problems with the water.  I won't guarantee you won't have a problem but with tourism being the main industry in this area they appear to have installed some decent public water purification.  If you travel outside of the main areas, water may no longer be potable but the area around Tamarindo seems to be fine.
Are there grocery stores nearby? 
Yes, there are a number of small grocery stores within a five-minute walk of the condo complex.  These stores should be able to handle most regular grocery needs.  They are similar to a small corner store in North America.  There is also wine and liquor stores within a couple minute walk - alcohol is sold in the regular stores.  Look for a building with the word Mercados and you've found the local grocery store.

There is now a fairly large grocery store on the north end of town called Auto Mercado.  Cabs are readily available and quite inexpensive. Auto Mercado is just a 7-10 minute drive. This new grocery store approaches the size of a North America big box grocery. They even have a sushi counter! 
What is the weather like, what should I pack?
The climate ranges greatly throughout Costa Rica, depending on if you are along the coast, or inland in the mountains or valleys.  If you are only visiting Tamarindo pack for the beach.  However, if you will be visiting inland areas you need to come prepared for a broad range of weather.
It can rain at any time of year but typically, even in what they call the rainy months, you will get 5 hours of sunshine a day.  From November through to April you can expect things to be fairly dry.  September and October are the wettest months but even then you can still get out and often enjoy a good part of the day.  Rain during the rainy month builds up and generally rains for an hour or two before moving out to the ocean.  While you can have some days of entire rain if you are there for a week even during the wettest months you will likely have nice travel weather.  The Pacific North West of Costa Rica is the driest part of the country which is one of the reasons that it is known for its tourism.

What type of town is Tamarindo?
First and foremost Tamarindo is a tourist town.  It caters to all age ranges, families, singles, surfers, fishers, beach lovers, and adventurers.  It is not a major metropolis but it is the tourist place for the Pacific North West of Costa Rica.  Other towns such as Flamingo, while it has a nice beach you can get bored of the town in just a couple days.  There is just more of everything in Tamarindo, including transportation if you want to visit one of the other nearby towns.  In the other nearby towns, you can get stuck in the town because you can't find a taxi at 8:00 PM at night.
What television stations do we get?
We are fairly well set up with TV stations; odds are that if it is a major North American sporting event that you will be in luck.  We get news, movie channels, and family channels. Keep in mind that many stations are in Spanish only.
Do you have handicapped access in your condo?
Elevators are available. Our unit is on the second floor.

Do you have any restrictions on bringing children?
Children are always welcome, but keep in mind that the residences have balconies, a pool and Jacuzzi, so you should keep a close eye on toddlers and infants at all times.

Is there an additional charge for maid service?
Yes, on a weekly rental, the rate is $75 plus tax. Additional maid service is available on an hourly service, please inquire.
Are there good restaurants nearby?
There is a wide variety of great restaurants in Tamarindo. Due to the international community, you can find everything from sushi, continental cuisine, American-style food, Mexican, French, Italian food and of course the freshest fish is served in many fine restaurants. You won't go hungry in Tamarindo!

How safe is Costa Rica?
Costa Rica has a very low level of violent crime, however, care should always be taken with your valuables. A safety lock box is provided in your house for this purpose. Costa Rica has no land, sea or air military. The Life expectancy average at birth today stands at 77.54. The USA is 78.24. Literacy currently stands at 94.9% of the total population over 15 years of age.
(Comments subject to change without notice.)
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