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Getting to Tamarindo
Tamarindo Beach, Guanacaste is the most accessible location along the northern Pacific coast of Costa Rica (MAPS), with an airstrip serviced 7 days a week from San José by two airlines: SANSA and Nature Air provide several flights daily. The international airport in Liberia, Guanacaste is open to international flights from a variety of carriers. The airport is just a 45 minute drive from Tamarindo.
A Natural Wonderland
Tamarindo Beach is part of a bay formed by a cape, Cabo Velas (velas is Spanish for sails, or sailfish). Playa Grande lies to the north of Tamarindo Beach inside the bay. The two beaches are separated by a natural salt water estuary, Estero Tamarindo. South of Tamarindo Bay there is another beautiful estuary and beach, Playa Langosta. 
Giant Leatherback Turtles and More...
Both Playa Grande and Playa Langosta are protected nesting areas for the giant leatherback turtle, and are part of the Costa Rican national park system. These beaches are the major nesting areas worldwide for the turtles, which arrive from October to March to lay their eggs. Tours led by official guides are available to take visitors to see this incredible spectacle. Another very special tour is the jungle boat ride. Small groups are ferried on locally built skiffs deep into the mysterious mangrove forest, where a breathtaking diversity of birds, mammals, and reptiles can be seen. Howler Monkeys are heard and seen swinging on branches throughtout Tamarindo.
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